Marathon - Sounio




Full day tour: 

Departure from Athens or the port at 08.00 am. /arrival at 16.00 pm. Places to visit: Tomb of marathon (battle of Marathon), starting point of the Marathon match. Vravrona, Temple of ARTEMIS, new airport, Lavrio, seaside anenue Athinon-souniou, Sounion, Saronic Gulf, Temple of Poseidon.



In ancient Greece in 490 BC was one of the most significant battles, the battle of marathon against the Persians with the victory of the Greeks and the end of the first Persian invasion. A decisive victory for the Democracy and the country's development. Moving to another historic part of Marathon, the starting point of the historic moment where pheidippides ran in 490 BC to go to Athens and to spread the winning news saying the historic phrase '' nenikikamen ''which mean, we won. We continue to an important archaeological site of Attica, the Temple of Artemis at Brauron. Situated in a small Bay of the South Evian Gulf near the present-day Loutsa. Residents of the area appeared the Neolithic years. In the bronze age (age of Theseus) Vravrona constituted the Athenian State and place of worship to Artemis. Continuing we arrive into a powerful city-state of ancient Athens, LAVRIO: known for its silver mining in Lavrio was known for the mines that were in port until finally closed in 1980. The name of the metal underground Gallery and meant several authors have reported to Lavrio as Aristotle, Aristophanes, Thucydides, Aeschylus and many others. An idyllic destination known for wonderful sunsets of sounion is an ideal destination for morning and afternoon excursion. The morning tour we suggest a relaxed ride, swim and lunch and afternoon tour you can see the unique sunset being lost through the ancient columns of the Temple of Poseidon, resulting in endless waters of the Saronic Gulf. Sounion is the southernmost tip of Attica with rocky, steep coasts and important ruins of the Temple of Poseidon who built in 438 b.c. after the end of the Persian wars.



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